Counterfeit Culture

Hailing from New Jersey, Counterfeit Culture is a young, budding metalcore band with serious potential. From their blend of brutal and melodic, they are able to stand out amongst the crowd of bands that flood into the scene. Dropping an impressive EP last week confirms that they are set to make waves as they progress as a band in the future.

Not many young, new bands can say that they have opened up for big acts like The Plot In You, Erra, and The Black Dahlia Murder. This proves that Counterfeit Culture really is a band with serious potential that any metal lover should keep on their radar.

Counterfeit Culture’s Deathwish EP dropped last week, and it’s been in rotation since. With three songs that truly encapsulate the band’s sound, Deathwish is a striking introduction to Counterfeit Culture and everything they stand for. Easily obvious is how well-put this EP is. Thanks to the likes of producer / engineer Ricky Armellino, Counterfeit Culture dropped a cohesive and polished EP ( The solid production highlights the talented musicianship of each member of the quartet. With sick riffs and brutal breakdowns, Counterfeit Culture can get a crowd thrashing and head banging. Contrasting their heavy-hitting nature is their softer, more atmospheric side. Most evident on their track “X”, the balance between melody and brutality is top-notch and executed well. Many bands fail to cohesively mix soft and heavy and end up sounding forced. Counterfeit Culture, however, succeeding in coalescing the two facets of their sound.

The most intriguing part about Counterfeit Culture is their lyrical content. They masterfully touch upon serious subjects such as domestic abuse (“Apothecary”), identity (“Second Soul”), and drug addiction (“X”). Emotion is felt in each note vocalist Nick Broglio belts out. The guitar, bass, and drums, handled by Patrick Robertson, Elijah Pagan, and Chris Smith respectively, accentuate the relevant subject found in the band’s lyrics.

Overall, Deathwish is a fantastic EP that appropriately welcomes the world to Counterfeit Culture. My only problem with the EP was that it was only three songs long, but hey it leaves me wanting more as it should for anyone who stumbles upon the young band. Real lyrics, filthy riffs and breakdowns, and a mature blend of soft and heavy is what separates Counterfeit Culture from other bands and makes them an artist to watch.

Cop the band’s EP and merch at Big Cartel, and play their EP on Apple Music, Spotify, iTunes and more.

Top vybes: “Apothecary”, “X”

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Artists To Watch: Vesta Collide

If you have never heard of Vesta Collide, then you are definitely missing out. The Detroit outfit’s debut album New Obsession via StaySick Recordings came out back in January, and it has been in current rotation ever since. Why? Because this band is fresh and brutal.

It’s rare to find a debut album from a band that is extremely well-written, polished, and entertaining. Most times debuts are jumbled up and don’t sound as professional as New Obsession does. Vesta Collide delivered an album that is a cut above the rest, an album that sounds like it belongs to a band who has been in the game for some time. The entire album is an entertaining experience. The instruments sound so crisp and clear, and the unclean vocals from Mark Pfromm are too delightful. He can hit the highs and lows equally well, which helps in enhancing songs. Moreover, the cleans are solid, contributing to the large amount of versatility present in each track.

Versatility is the key facet of this band. That’s why I find them to be a fresh find in metalcore. To be so versatile on a debut album is mind-blowing. I can only imagine how fresh and dynamic Vesta Collide’s future releases will be. That is why this band is an artist to watch. Because they’ve only got one album under their belt yet they are making tremendous waves in the scene. So keep an eye on them because I’m sure they will become your new obsession.

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Top vybes: “I Can’t Sleep”, “The Lights”, “Hallucination”

image via Vesta Collide’s facebook


Artists to Watch: Dwellings

With an impressive duo of tracks under their belt and a debut EP titled¬†Lavender Town on the horizon, I have high hopes for this band, and you should too.¬†The progressive post-hardcore outfit out of Modesto, California comes from the same vein as bands such as Dance Gavin Dance and Sianvar. In fact, they sound like Dance Gavin Dance during the years when they were fronted by Kurt Travis. Are they a exact replica that you ignore? Heck no! This band has their own unique feel. Their track “Lemonade” is thrilling with an extremely catchy hook and exceptional guitar work.

Their latest single “Foreverest” released in late November is much tamer, but super soothing. A Chon vibe is definitely present on this song. Both Josh Benton (ex-Dance Gavin Dance guitarist) and producer Kris Crummet have handled Dwellings’ production and mastering, respectively. Thus, you should keep your eyes open for their debut EP.

Vybes like: “Humble Ledger (Gnostic States)” – Eidola

For those who vybe to: Dance Gavin Dance, Hail The Sun

Check out their newest single”Foreverest” below.

Photo credit: @valleytaylor