Madison Beer – As She Pleases


In honor of Madison Beer turning 19 today, I decided to write a review of her debut EP As She Pleases. I had been hooked on the young pop star’s track “Dead” ever since it dropped in May of last year. I was excited for new music from, yet I also understood that this was indeed her first release. Thus, I opted to keep my expectations at a reasonable level. This proved to be absolutely unnecessary as Beer’s debut EP completely surpassed my expectations.

As She Pleases contains seven exceptional tracks that both shine bright on their own and combine to create a dazzling debut for a rising star in Madison Beer. Pop music can be quite insipid at times, but Beer shows that it can be ridiculously stimulating. Coasting through passionate ballads and edgy anthems is easy for the young star. Beer’s musical versatility is front and center on this EP as she successfully tinges pop with a dash of R&B.

As She Pleases opens up with the fierce, clever track “Dead”, which can honestly only be sung at the top of your lungs. It is delicately crafted with verses, pre-choruses, and the chorus all melding together effortlessly. Moreover, Beer’s vocals are so on point that you truly feel the lyrics even if you have never had an ex who loves to screw with your mind. This song is definitely one that connects with many as evidenced by its 19 million views on YouTube and 53 million plays on Spotify.

“Fools” is drastically more upbeat than the previous track. This is more fitting as Beer just wants to shake off her significant other who can’t come to grips with her loss of feelings for him. The chorus is simple, effective, and hella catchy. Too bad it’s essentially impossible to mimic the way she dances through the word fools.

“HeartLess” is dark and sultry through and through. The production assumes R&B undertones, slowing down the tempo and setting a different mood than the previous track. Once again, Beer does marvels with her voice throughout the track. The pre-chorus truly builds up the vibes for an intoxicating chorus.

Beer croons over a guitar on “Tyler Durden”, a soothing song that I personally find to be the weakest track on the EP. This is not an insult to “Tyler Durden”. The other six tracks are just that phenomenal. Genius claims that “Tyler Durden” is much deeper than it sounds, but I personally find the lyrics to be vague and basic. Moreover, this track is the only one that depends solely on guitar, which makes it seem like the black sheep of the EP. However, it is still a song that ought not to be skipped.

“Home With You” is infectious, driven heavily by a bouncy beat that begs for you to bob your head in sync. Once again, Beer glides through the catchy chorus. One thing I have apparently discovered by listening to this EP is that LA is clearly full of players. Beer constantly sings about a bunch of shallow lames who only want her to please them. However, this track is Beer’s declaration to all the douches out there that she “ain’t got no time for no games” and that she does as she pleases from here on out.

“Teenager in Love” is a departure from her other songs, one that I honestly welcome with open arms. The unique throwback sound is revitalizing. Personally reminiscent to the slow contemporary R&B sound of Ariana Grande’s “Dangerous Woman”, this track strikes gold on every facet. From the beautifully rhythmic beat to the intoxicating way she falsettoes “you make me feel like a teenager in love” at the end of the chorus, the track ultimately comes together very well and gets me singing along despite never loving someone as a teenager myself.

The climax actually occurs in “Say It to My Face”, the final track of the EP. It is glorious in every way. It is brash, aggressive, and provocative. This is Beer’s best vocal performance on As She Pleases, as she belts such potent notes and drifts through words like none other. Songs that make the listener not only hear but feel the passion of the artist are songs that stand out the most. This song also can be a go-to anthem for any young adult who has been facing hate from a bunch of lames both in the flesh and on the internet.

As She Pleases is undeniably good. To skip a song on this EP is to commit a crime worthy of punishment. Beer has distanced herself from the standard teen pop music that she put out in the beginning of her career. As a result, Madison Beer ultimately progressing towards the status of a staple in pop is inevitable and intriguing.


  1. Dead: 10/10
  2. Fools: 9/10
  3. HeartLess: 9/10
  4. Tyler Durden: 7/10
  5. Home with You: 9/10
  6. Teenager in Love: 9/10
  7. Say It to My Face: 10/10

Top vybes: “Say It to My Face”, “Home with You”, “Dead”

Vybes like: Olivia O’Brien, Bea Miller




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