“Tradition” – Thousand Below

Listening to the same bands over and over again? Wanting to find that new band that nobody knows about and then when they get big you can brag about knowing them when they were nobodies? I present to you, Thousand Below, a 5-piece outfit from San Diego, California. Thousand Below dropped a new single titled... Continue Reading →


Kehlani – SweetSexySavage

10/10 If you don't know Kehlani at this point, you should be ashamed—I mean, you ought to get to it. With two amazing projects under her belt that have put her on the rise, Kehlani delivers with her latest album SweetSexySavage, which certainly makes the case for album of the year, regardless of whether it's only... Continue Reading →

“American Dream” – Chelsea Grin

Deathcore titans Chelsea Grin are back with a heavy-hitter titled "American Dream", which was released on the day of the inauguration of Donald Trump. How coincidental. This track was released a week before the deluxe edition of their latest album Self Inflicted. The deluxe edition will feature two additional tracks, consisting of "Avidus" and "American... Continue Reading →

“Issues” – Julia Michaels

Who is Julia Michaels? Where'd she come from? None of that matters because she is here, and she's here to stay. Her first solo single "Issues" is the perfect ear worm to start the year off right. I first heard the track while at a snow tubing park in Pennsylvania, and it was too good... Continue Reading →

“hard pill to swallow” – morgxn

morgxn is a singer/songwriter based in LA and NYC that I had never heard about until I was casually browsing on Spotify's New Releases section. There he was, with his latest single "hard pill to swallow", which looked and sounded interesting enough. So I gave it a listen, and I found myself listening to his... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Of Mice & Men Songs

Metalcore giants Of Mice & Men have ruled the scene ever since their inception in 2009. Led by Austin Carlile and his harsh, unique screams, Of Mice & Men carved their way to the top with their relentlessly energetic brand of metalcore that always translated into crazy shows. With four albums under their belt, a... Continue Reading →

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