Artists To Watch: Vesta Collide

If you have never heard of Vesta Collide, then you are definitely missing out. The Detroit outfit's debut album New Obsession via StaySick Recordings came out back in January, and it has been in current rotation ever since. Why? Because this band is fresh and brutal. It's rare to find a debut album from a... Continue Reading →


“On Her Mind” – Volumes

Volumes is a metalcore/djent outfit that prides themselves on the laid-back vibe of Cali that they infuse into their music. From their releases of Via and No Sleep, its clear to see a shift into more polished music that retains the excellent musicianship of each member. Instead of staying stagnant, they've always been prone to... Continue Reading →

“Fool’s Gold” – Chapel

Chapel has dropped another single titled "Fool's Gold", and it is foolish of you to not give it a spin. The indie alt-rock duo has only two songs released via the label, but those two songs were the perfect tracks for introduction to the world. The first track, "Caught Up", is heavily pop-induced alt-rock, while... Continue Reading →

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