“These Boys Light Fires” & “Intimate Alien” – Ocean Grove

Hailing from the Land Down Under, Ocean Grove is heavy act that fades in and out of genres. With two Eps under their belt, they have shifted from a typical metalcore sound found on their earliest release titled Outsider to a chaotic, yet refreshing nu-metal release found on Black Label. But screw the genres. This... Continue Reading →


Best Albums of 2016

25. Illuminate - Shawn Mendes Splendid sophomore album that truly showcased Shawn's solid ability in creating songs that make you sing along. Top vibes: Patience, No Promises 24. Dangerous Woman - Ariana Grande Fabulous blend of pop and R&B that brings to the forefront Ariana's angelic vocals while having over half the tracks being worthy of... Continue Reading →

“Vicious Cycles”-Afterlife

2016 has been the revival of nu-metal, perhaps the only good thing about this year. Afterlife continue this reawakening of nu-metal with their single "Vicious Cycles". This song arrives the same day that Stay Sick Recordings announced that they had signed the band hailing from Florida. They also have an EP coming out February 3.... Continue Reading →

Top 10 Marshmello Songs

Marshmello, the most notable newcomer in EDM this year, has caused a riot with his riveting music. Implementing trap elements into his EDM, he has definitely found a formula that serves as both infectious and artistic. With a key signing to Skrillex's label and an astounding debut album, Marshmello is taking over the world. Here's... Continue Reading →

Childish Gambino-Awaken, My Love!

10/10 If you thought Childish Gambino was going to drop bars upon bars on his latest release, you are greatly mistaken. Instead, he transcended the bounds of rap and emerged into something entirely unique. Completely trading in rap and hip-hop for funk and blues, Gambino turns the clock back, pulling in influences from James Brown... Continue Reading →

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