Memphis May Fire-This Light I Hold

8/10 Hailing from Dallas, Texas, metalcore giants Memphis May Fire were born with a heavy southern influence evident in every part of their music. As they progressed through the years with the help of a new vocalist Matty Mullins, they quickly became favorites of the scene. However, with each new release, they slowly lost their... Continue Reading →


“Drug Dealer”-Macklemore

With the help of producer Ryan Lewis, Macklemore has garnished many fans. Just like any other artist, he’s also gathered a horde of haters, perhaps more than what is normal. However, Macklemore continues to drop great songs, from the classic “Thrift Shop” to the anthem “Downtown”. The Heist was the album that put his name... Continue Reading →

Saint Motel-saintmotelevision

8/10 Los Angeles indie pop/rock band Saint Motel showcase why indie music is so infectious with their latest album saintmotelevision. Drawn from the same well as Two Door Cinema Club and The Mowgli’s, Saint Motel are an exceptional act in the indie sphere. Prior to this album, they had released one album and two EPs.... Continue Reading →

Daya- Sit Still, Look Pretty

8/10 Pittsburgh native Daya jumped into music scene last year with her single “Hide Away”, which had a nice run on the radio for someone who was quite unknown. Catching the eye of the electric DJ duo The Chainsmokers, Daya featured on their huge hit “Don’t Let Me Down”. It was her appearance on this... Continue Reading →

“The Silence”-Amongst Thieves

Amongst Thieves, a five-piece post hardcore band from the United Kingdom, released a single “The Silence” back in July. Reminiscent of Attack Attack! before Caleb Shomo took over vocal duties, “The Silence” is a riveting song with a chorus that is catchy enough to get you singing along. Vocalist Josh Nash switches between clean and... Continue Reading →

Two Door Cinema Club-Gameshow

8/10 After three years of silence, Two Door Cinema Club is back with their third studio album, Gameshow. The three-piece alt-rock band is back and better than ever, as they trade a trace of indie for a taste of 80s pop. A funky album from start to finish, it is nearly impossible to notice the... Continue Reading →

“Drum” by MØ

MØ is back! After several appearances in the EDM scene with popular hits "Lean On" and "Cold Water" both by Major Lazer (the latter featuring Justin Bieber), the Danish singer MØ drops the single "Drum". This single also follows her original rising hit "Final Song". "Drum" is a bouncy song with a sort of tribal... Continue Reading →

Welcome to Vybe!

Welcome to Vybe! Vybe is a music review blog that is dedicated to serving as a prime hub for discovering great music. Instead of rambling on about albums in an abstract manner, Vybe gives readers concise, clear-cut reviews that will efficiently escort readers on their journey for new music. Music from a variety of genres... Continue Reading →

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