Why Do People Care About Drake Stealing X’s Flow?

A lot of opinions are flung around with little thought when it comes to issues, especially on social media. One recent issue that has a lot of people heated in the comments and abroad is how Drake seemingly stole Xxxtentacion's flow. It's up to the individual to situate yourself on one side of the fence: either... Continue Reading →


Northlane – Mesmer

I had been sleeping on Northlane for most of their existence, and I am forever ashamed of that. It wasn't until the progressive metalcore outfit released their single "Intuition" that I was hooked. They followed that song with a teaser, cryptic messages through Facebook Messenger, and ultimately another solid single called "Citizen". However, on March... Continue Reading →

“X” – Counterfeit Culture

There's a ton of bands that spring up every day. The struggle to stand out and bring something new to table is a challenge, one that many bands fail to overcome. However, New Jersey four-piece outfit Counterfeit Culture rose to the occasion and delivered with their new single "X". They do everything right on this... Continue Reading →

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