“Drum” by MØ

MØ is back!

After several appearances in the EDM scene with popular hits “Lean On” and “Cold Water” both by Major Lazer (the latter featuring Justin Bieber), the Danish singer MØ drops the single “Drum”. This single also follows her original rising hit “Final Song”. “Drum” is a bouncy song with a sort of tribal island beat to it that can get anyone moving. With a simple, yet infectious chorus, you can’t resist the urge to sing along. Positive lyrics about taking hold of your life and marching “to the beat of your drum” allows this song to become an anthem for anyone who just wants to be who they are without any insecurity or shame. MØ seems to be doing just that, riding her unique sound to the top and taking her fans along for the ride.

Vibes like: “Step Down” – Elliphant

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