Top 10 Of Mice & Men Songs

Metalcore giants Of Mice & Men have ruled the scene ever since their inception in 2009. Led by Austin Carlile and his harsh, unique screams, Of Mice & Men carved their way to the top with their relentlessly energetic brand of metalcore that always translated into crazy shows. With four albums under their belt, a change in style was evident in their third release, Restoring Force. Blending nu-metal with their traditional metalcore, Of Mice & Men further set themselves apart from the rest, as seen by their album reaching number 4 on the Billboard 200. Tours with Slipknot and Linkin Park showed that this band was destined for even greater things. You could even claim that they are pioneers in the revival of nu-metal. However, the current that Of Mice & Men has been riding is finally subsiding, as Austin Carlile had announced his departure from the band due to health concerns. The band will continue with members Aaron Pauley, Phil Manansala, Alan Ashby, and Valentino Arteaga.

Instead of mourning his departure, I think it’s fitting to remember the best tracks Austin’s helped Of Mice & Men create. Here’s the top 10 Of Mice & Men songs.


Frenetic from start to finish, this track was a perfect example of how brutal Of Mice & Men was on their first album. It’s quite often that their self-titled seems to be forgotten, but this was the album that put them on the map. This track simply shows why.

9. Ohioisonfire

You might notice that the first two songs on this list are heavy-hitters. That’s because fans across the board adored Of Mice & Men’s ability to infuse catchy clean vocals into aggressive tracks without sacrificing the originality or integrity of the song. Ohioisonfire is a prime example of that. Thrashing drums with feral guitar riffs and nasty breakdowns will get anyone flailing, but the infectious vocals of ex-bassist/clean vocalist Shayley Bourget will get anyone singing. Also, let’s not forget how wild it is to hear Carlile to chop up his scream when he says he’s taking you with him “out of line”.


I know, it’s a mouth full. But the song is relentless and contains some of the best if not catchiest guitar work from Phil Manansala. The chugging breakdowns seem to perfectly set up Bourget’s soaring chorus. Moreover, the lyrics on this track are straight fire with tons of memorable lines (i.e. “bloody hands stop beating hearts”, “shut those legs, girl, it’s closing time”).

7. Purified

Probably the band’s most underrated track, this track was the second single that preceded the release of their second album, The Flood. This track is the most melodic ever created without coming off as cliche or lackluster. The riff that backs the verses is so sensational and addicting that you will find yourself replicating the riff with your own mouth. Bourget kills it on this track, along with Carlile who destroys the bridge in the best way possible.

6. Would You Still Be There

One of the best songs on their third album, Restoring Force, Would You Still Be There is the most radio-friendly track the band had ever created. Anthemic and catchy by nature, this is the first track in which Austin Carlile takes an extremely noticeable back seat to new vocalist/bassist Aaron Pauley. This track also shows tremendous guitar work from Manansala and Ashby, further showing how talented this band really is. This isn’t a sellout track; this is a versatile track.

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Best Albums of 2016

25. Illuminate – Shawn Mendes

Splendid sophomore album that truly showcased Shawn’s solid ability in creating songs that make you sing along.

Top vibes: Patience, No Promises

24. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande

Fabulous blend of pop and R&B that brings to the forefront Ariana’s angelic vocals while having over half the tracks being worthy of topping charts.

Top vibes: Be Alright, Bad Decisions

23. Blonde – Frank Ocean

Just when I was about to forget about Frank Ocean, he releases an album that is unforgettable in every way, siphoning from a well of good vibes and pure genius.

Top vibes: Nights, Ivy

22. Misadventures – Pierce The Veil

Took them about 4 years to craft perhaps the second-best post-hardcore album ever created. What’s the first? Their second album. There’s a reason that they always sell out venues.

Top vibes: Texas Is Forever, Floral & Fading

21. If I’m The Devil – letlive.

Trading in their notorious craziness for a more powerful “soul punk” vibe, letlive.’s new album shows that change is not always bad.

Top vibes: I’ve Learned To Love Myself, A Weak Ago

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Top 10 Marshmello Songs

Marshmello, the most notable newcomer in EDM this year, has caused a riot with his riveting music. Implementing trap elements into his EDM, he has definitely found a formula that serves as both infectious and artistic. With a key signing to Skrillex’s label and an astounding debut album, Marshmello is taking over the world. Here’s his top 1o songs that I’m 99% sure you’ll instantly add to your favorite playlist.

10. Let Me Love You (Remix)

This is Marshmello’s newest track, but it’s popping. Marshmello reinvents the infectious track originally by DJ Snake and Justin Bieber. By adding his unique trap style, Marshmello really made this track stick out even more.

9. Want U 2

Although it is not one of his most famous tracks, “Want U 2” has all the sugary goodness that Marshmello is known for. The drop is catchy, and the warped voice leaves an imprint on your brain. Also the second drop is better than the first, so it rewards you with extra flavor if you listen to all of it.

8. Alarm (Remix)

The track was created by Anne Marie, but Marshmello makes it more of a banger. Enhancing Anne Marie’s already catchy lyrics, he adds a bundle of energy that’ll make anyone move their bodies. There’s a reason this remix has 5.29 million plays on SoundCloud.

7. Where Are U Now (Remix)

The only person capable of topping the monstrous hit by Skrillex, Diplo, and Justin Bieber is Marshmello. His genius reworking of the chorus shifted him from the background of EDM into the spotlight.

6. Find Me

Enough of the remixes. :Find Me” is a track created Marshmello that is most certainly a festival favorite. A riveting song from start to finish, it’s clear to see why it’s a favorite and one of his most notable tracks off his debut release Joytime.

5. Keep It Mello (ft. Omar Linx)

This track is one out of few Marshmello tracks that actually contains vocals. In fact, Omar Linx’s smooth delivery perfectly leads up to the catchy drop that’ll get anyone repeating that they “like to keep it mello”.

4. Kknow Me

The opening track for his album Joytime, “Kknow Me” is the song that perfectly represents Marshmello and his unique style. From the warped vocals, the riveting bass-backed chorus, and the savory synths, we truly get to see a broad picture of Marshmello’s sound.

3. Freal Luv (ft. Chanyeol and Tinashe)

This Far East Movement song produced by Marshmello shows that less is sometimes better. With less sugariness and more simplicity, Marshmello delivers a fiery track that enhances the artists on the track. That chorus will make you break things.

2. Ritual

This song hints at a slightly different direction for Marshmello, yet it still bears his signature style. Blessed by Wrabel’s glorious vocals, “Ritual” is a spectacular track that could be Marshmello’s reach into mainstream without sacrificing his uniqueness. Truly infectious in every way, this track is destined for greatness once The Chainsmoker’s fad flickers out.

1. Alone

This track is Marshmello’s gift to humanity. Emotionally and sonically appealing, this track shows Marshmello hitting on all cylinders. Accompanied by a touching video that has 181 million views on Youtube, this is his most well-known track and for good reason. Listen to it once, and you will replay it until you can’t stand it anymore.

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