New for this year is a series of posts that give a shout out to some of the young artists on SoundCloud hoping to expand their fanbase and reach. SoundCloud is a tremendous way for artists to start getting their music out there. Thus, Vybe wants to be an avenue for SoundCloud artists to be discovered.

The first SoundCloud shout out goes to rapper YoungBlood. He’s been spitting for a short time but has quickly shown what he’s capable of. YoungBlood has cited A$AP Rocky, Post Malone, and Dave East as musical inspirations. He has one song under his name titled “Recipe” which serves as a collaboration with D Cel.

Only up for about a month, it has quickly accrued nearly 700 plays. This track gives a glimpse of what his style is. He showcases an affinity for wordplay and a lighthearted cockiness evident in his lyrics. He doesn’t jump around the track with a ton of inventive flows, but he is effective with what he does. Moreover, he crafts a delicious hook that honestly doesn’t seem like much until you find yourself randomly singing it over and over again.

YoungBlood has no plans of dropping one song and hanging it up. He plans to follow up “Recipe” with two songs that he expects to drop in the next couple of weeks.

All in all, YoungBlood is both new and raw, and he can definitely improve over time, which could result in something special. I am excited to see what else he has in store and where he takes his budding talent.

Click here for YoungBlood’s SoundCloud, and be sure to follow him so that you can be the first to here his upcoming tracks.


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