Gina Gunz

Blending pop and contemporary R&B comes naturally to Gina Gunz. From living in Puerto Rico to moving to Florida and then New York City, Gina has always taken her passion of music with her. Ever since high school, Gina diligently studied the ins and outs of the music industry. Once the time was right to use her beautiful voice for her own music, she was more than ready to own the moment.

Her track “Friday” dropped in late 2015 and has since deservedly accrued over 20,000 views on YouTube. It is a luscious track that showcases not only her smooth voice but also her ability to construct catchy hooks and verses. The hook alone is easily something any listener can get stuck in their heads. Ultimately, “Friday” is a certified bop.

With only four songs under her belt, Gina Gunz has proven to be versatile in her music. On “Friday”, she keeps it sultry and smooth, while she tackles a more dancehall inspired sound on “Patra”. Along with her clear talent and ear for catchy choruses, Gina also possesses rising potential. This potential is evident on her new track “Scars”.

This record is polished all the way through and shows Gina Gunz in a more powerful fashion. Her voice is front and center, ultimately showing a progression from her older tracks without sounding completely different. It is this ability to continually progress with each song and show multiple aspects of her sound that culminates in a possibly bright future.

Vybes like: Olivia O’Brien, Pia Mia

Keep up with Gina Gunz on her website and follow her on social media @ginagunz.


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