Jaden Smith – SYRE


Jaden Smith dropped his debut album SYRE on Nov. 17th, and it instantly struck a chord. It’s not that I was not expecting him to drop something good. In fact, I was aware of his singles “Batman” and “Fallen”, and I watched his album teasers which certainly displayed something worth paying attention to. However, I was taken aback by how Jaden Smith could drop not just a 17-track album but an experience.

SYRE can be described as a creative experience that sounds mystical with headphones on and the lights off. Jaden Smith spent over three years crafting this album, and that time and effort is evident in the product he put into the world. The album plays out as an intriguing story, weaving phenomenal production with Jaden’s eccentric lyrics and flow.

The first four tracks of SYRE—which combine to spell out “BLUE”— mesh into the greatest introduction to any project I have ever listened to. It’s an ambitious meandering through a collection of creative ideas that work well together despite having their own unique qualities. This mind-blowing introduction leads into a section of songs that are considerably reflective slow-burners that don’t necessarily serve as bangers. However, these are not skippable tracks as Jaden showcases his mind for creativity and his ear for catchy melodies. There’s somewhat of a brooding air that lingers from “Hope” to “Batman” that initially can make you forget that Jaden is a rap/hip-hop artist. Lots of guitar and different sounds are implemented to capture a vision rather than just create a song.

The second half of the album is where all the surefire bangers reside. The dramatic shift in sound occurs on the instant hit “Icon”, which Jaden dances over with such ease and smoothness. Pair that with a haunting, upbeat foundation and memorable lyrics and you have a track that resonates. “Watch Me” immediately follows with a nasty guitar riff that delivers all the energy needed to make up for the slow-burners in the first half of the album.

Despite being sort of divided as an album between slower, more creatively-defined jams and memorable, energetic bangers, it all comes together to form one cohesive unit. The final track “SYRE” satisfyingly ties the whole album together, leaving the listener with two options.

Listeners can be disappointed that not all 17 tracks were as energetic and memorable as the second half and view the first half of the album as whole separate, skippable entity. Or listeners can find the beauty in the creative vision that Jaden Smith was able to manifest through SYRE. I personally find this album to be special in every right. Is it a perfect ten? Nope, but it is pretty damn close to being so. The way that Jaden blended two separate worlds into one without sacrificing integrity, creativity, and cohesiveness is simply phenomenal.

All in all, SYRE is a work of art that can adeptly tug at the heartstrings, toy with the mind, and turn up any open-minded listener.


  1. B (feat. Willow Smith & Pia Mia): 10/10
  2. L : 9/10
  3. U : 10/10
  4. E : 7/10
  5. Breakfast (feat. A$AP Rocky): 9/10
  6. Hope: 7/10
  7. Falcon (feat. Raury): 9/10
  8. Ninety: 10/10
  9. Lost Boy: 9/10
  10. Batman: 7/10
  11. Icon: 10/10
  12. Watch Me: 10/10
  13. Fallen: 10/10
  14. The Passion: 9/10
  15. George Jeff: 10/10
  16. Rapper: 8/10
  17. SYRE: 8/10

Top vybes: Icon, Ninety, Fallen, Watch Me, George Jeff, B, U

Vybes like: Childish Gambino, Tyler, the Creator


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