21 Savage, Offset, Metro Boomin – Without Warning


21 Savage, Offset, and Metro Boomin come together for an unexpected release on Halloween. After a week of listening to it, it proves to be an extremely lackluster project. This, however, does not come as a surprise as 21 Savage has a history of dropping relatively insipid projects that have almost no replay value at all. His Issa Album functioned the same way, having only like three songs that could be played more than once. It is not that 21 Savage is inherently bad; it is just that his monotonous style prevents anything interesting from really happening on any project he puts out. Similar to Lil Yachty, I think he is better as a feature on a single (i.e. Post Malone’s “rockstar”) than as an artist on his own albums.

Migos’ Offset couldn’t even make this album outstanding. His flow over Metro Boomin’s beats were too luscious. He did way more with what he was given than 21 Savage. He really tried to own the sleek production and beats. On the other hand, 21 Savage did not do much, nor did he try anything different. No wonder the songs I like best on the album are the ones that only have Offset on it. But Offset’s presence on these tracks couldn’t even make it something more than what it was — boring.

In terms of Metro Boomin, he is one of the best producers in the game right now, but he has very few gems on this project. This doesn’t hurt him though, because I’m sure he was saving his amazing beats for artists that could actually spit over them. Some notable beats on this album can be found on “Ghostface Killers”, “Ric Flair Drip”, “Rap Saved Me”, and that’s honestly it. If this doesn’t describe how lacking this project is, I don’t know what does.

Beats are okay, flows are okay (good when Offset comes on), production is great, and lyrics are forgettable. Overall its a project that could have been ten times better had they substituted 21 Savage with anyone else.

Quick Track by Track Review:

  1. Ghostface Killers: a hard song that each member (including Travis Scott) dominates, but unfortunately misleads you into thinking that the rest of the project is going to be flames
  2. Rap Saved Me: a song carried by Offset’s intoxicating flow and a well-produced Metro Boomin beat
  3. Ric Flair Drip: a song that thankfully doesn’t feature 21 Savage and showcases Offset’s ability to dance over sexy beats
  4. My Choppa Hate N*****: a song that is extremely bland thanks to having no Offset on it
  5. Nightmare: an Offset-only song that has an eerie beat worth playing more than once
  6. Mad Stalkers: a song that is so okay that I forgot it was a song on the album
  7. Disrespectful: a song that 21 Savage says his neck and wrist are “flooded out” like Hurricane Irma and Hurricane Harvey
  8. Run Up the Racks: a song that is way too skippable
  9. Still Serving: a song that features a slower, mesmerizing beat but is once again only done justice by Offset
  10. Darth Vader: an actually decent closer to an album that was dull and disappointing

Top vybes: Ric Flair Drip, Ghostface Killers, Rap Saved Me

Vybes like: Migos, Rich the Kid



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