Chelsea Cutler – Snow In October EP


To craft music that is subtle yet so engaging is a tough task to accomplish, yet Chelsea Cutler made it look easy on her debut release, Snow In October EP. Creating electronic music with a reflective slant, Cutler demonstrated with dexterity how simplicity can go a long way when executed correctly.

The six-song EP is full of introspective bops that are immediate earworms. The thing that is so amazing about this release is that there isn’t much going on. In fact, the electronic elements are very sparse and subtle, complementing Cutler’s phenomenal vocals and airy guitar playing. It is an EP that isn’t trying to do too much, and in that it is doing the most. The simplicity of the songs accentuate Chelsea Cutler’s songwriting and lyricism.

Moreover, the simplicity is what helps listener’s to feel the music instead of just listening to it. There is a ton of music out there that only seeks to catch the ears of listeners; however, Cutler crafted music that reaches the heart. Mesh together her real lyrics about love and heartbreak with the intentionally subtle yet intriguing indie electronica, and you’ve got yourself a set of songs that both touch and make you feel.

EDM giants The Chainsmokers have aimed for this lite-EDM sound on their latest album Memories…Do Not Open. Yet Chelsea Cutler actually succeeded in bringing a simple take on electronic music without becoming dull or lackluster. And the fact that she is only 20 years old and has knows how to navigate a simplistic yet intriguing take on EDM is mind-boggling.

Quick Track-by-Track Review

  1. “Your Shirt” : a phenomenal track that Chelsea gracefully floats over and in doing so crafts one of the best choruses known to mankind
  2. “You Make Me” : an incredibly catchy track that deserves to blasted in the car with the windows down
  3. “Snow In October” : a calm, wispy title track that doesn’t disappoint
  4. “Scripts” : a song that showcases Cutler’s ability to weave together catchy lyrics and melodies
  5. “Giving Up Ground” feat. Quinn XCII : a slow simmering ballad with a decent feature
  6. “Sixteen” : a closing track that is equally pleasant, poppy, and powerful

Top Vybes: “Your Shirt”, “You Make Me”, “Scripts”

Vybes like: Phoebe Ryan, Ella Vos


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