“Issues” – Julia Michaels

Who is Julia Michaels? Where’d she come from? None of that matters because she is here, and she’s here to stay. Her first solo single “Issues” is the perfect ear worm to start the year off right. I first heard the track while at a snow tubing park in Pennsylvania, and it was too good to forget.

As mentioned before, this is Julia’s first solo single. She is a 23 yr. old songwriter who is relatively unknown until now. However, that doesn’t mean she hasn’t done anything up to this point. In fact, she’s a talented songwriter who has penned some of the hits that we know and love. She’s written and helped write songs such as “Sorry” by Justin Bieber, “Love Myself” by Hailee Steinfeld, and “All In My Head (Flex)” by Fifth Harmony. Moreover, she practically wrote all of Selena Gomez’s latest album “Revival”. So she’s been working behind the scenes, crafting infectious songs that can easily stick in your head. Her latest track is what propels her from behind the curtains and into the spotlight, front and center.

“Issues” is an airy, smooth track that focuses on the fact that her and her lover both have issues but can work through them together. The lyrics are real all around, which can easily speak to listeners and even be used by listeners. In a society where we only display the perfect view of our lives, it can be unsettling to come to grips with a lover’s issues, yet alone our own. The song is anthemic but not in a crowd-riling way; it’s an anthem that serves as a voice for the masses of a generation with tons of issues. Julia’s vocals are outstanding, making me wonder why she ever took so long to sing her own tracks sooner. Along the same veins as Daya’s latest album, Julia Michaels’ “Issues” serves as a prime example that a minimalist approach to pop music with memorable lyrics/message is on the rise.

Julia Michaels released a track that will rule airwaves for a while. Not because of a hella bouncy beat drop or meme-worthy lyric, but because of the simple yet impeccable blend of her beautiful voice, incredible lyrics, and minimalist sound.

For those who vybe to: Phoebe Ryan, Verité



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