“hard pill to swallow” – morgxn

morgxn is a singer/songwriter based in LA and NYC that I had never heard about until I was casually browsing on Spotify’s New Releases section. There he was, with his latest single “hard pill to swallow”, which looked and sounded interesting enough. So I gave it a listen, and I found myself listening to his other three tracks in no time. To describe his sound accurately, just blend the dark, atmospheric vibes of The Neighbourhood found on their first release with the creativity of Jon Bellion. “hard pill to swallow” truly showcases the combination.

“hard pill to swallow” is a dark, atmospheric single about the coming to grips with a love gone awry. Lyrically, it’s simple and repetitive. But it’s effective in raising the hairs on your body. morgxn has a sultry vocal delivery that hovers just above a whisper in how calm and soothing it is. His vocals take the basic lyrics and transform them in a deep story that you can experience. The atmospheric, rhythmic production full of swelling bass synths reminiscent of Banks’ “Begging For Thread” only adds to the experience that the song makes you feel. Ordinary artists make you sing the song, but extraordinary artists make you feel the song. Thus, with its calm crooning atop a dark ambiance full of subtly powerful production, “hard pill to swallow” has simply made me regret not finding morgxn sooner.

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Image via genius.com

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